Check Out Our New Album: GRAMPPAPPIES

Our new album Gramppappies is out everywhere!

Buy it on Bandcamp.

Stream it on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, or wherever you listen to music.

Check out our new music video for our single “Poppies” on YouTube:

Grampfather – Poppies (Music Video)

We also have Gramppappies Tees which you can buy on Bandcamp or at our shows.

Check our Tour Dates page to see when and where we’re playing this year.

About the Album:

Gramppappies, our fifth album, is our most realized album yet in that it encapsulates our range of sounds, wavering between abrasive rockers and indie chillers. While our last album, Magnum Grampus, was fueled by the anger and frustration conjured by the countless tragedies of 2020, Gramppappies offers more hope for the future, a weighted, contemplative hope that’s informed by past experiences and events, and not a naive, starry-eyed one. A main theme that’s threaded throughout the album is our appreciation of music, the role it plays in our lives, and how it keeps us going despite the many miseries we’ll endure in this life. It’s too easy to just give up and resolve that it’s all hopeless. The contrary seems like a much better and brighter path. Here’s to hoping for hope.


Your Gramppappies ❤

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