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“Poppies” Music Video
“Doom and Bloom” (Acoustic)
Live at Arlene’s Grocery (4/7/22)
“Murder Hornets” Music Video
Gramppappies Album Release Live Stream 2/25
Snugs 12/10/21
BFN House Live Session
Live from the Studio at Old Ridge
“End Times (Major)” music video
“Weeding” live in New Paltz
“The Grampening” live in New Paltz
“You Just Die, and That’s It” live in Kingston
“Praised Bork” live in Kingston
“Eat Shit and Die” live in Kingston
“Praised Bork” music video
“Fernluv” in a dirty New Paltz basement (2016)
“Feeling Fertile” at Nice Garage (2016)