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2023 Tour Dates

5/5: Singlecut North–Clifton Park, NY

5/12: Elephant Alley–Troy, NY

5/13: Berlin Under A–NYC (tickets)

5/20: Tasting Lab–Greenville, NY

5/20: Snapper Magees–Kingston, NY

5/26: Hud Station–Albany, NY

11/24: Mr. Beery’s–Bethpage, NY

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New single: “Rot in Bliss”


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Grampfather is an eclectic rock band based out of Kingston, NY, whose material traverses a variety of rock genres, such as indie, garage, punk, psych, chill, and thrash. The band is composed of James Kwapisz (guitar and vocals), Andrew Blot (lead guitar), Tony DiMauro (drums), and Jake Offermann (bass). Kwapisz started the band in 2013, bringing lively, chaotic, fun-rock to the Upstate New York basement and house show scene. The then two-piece garage rock ensemble has since evolved into a four-piece genre-whirling force.


“Grampfather, the 4-piece rock band from Kingston, has developed a varied musical styling over the years that takes on a category all its own. Hard to lay name to their genre, they blend layers of psychedelic elements with a garage pop twist that goes down smooth with a carbonated sweet bubble aftertaste. The band however has not completely abandoned their 60s surf-style element for which they are known. While the cast and lineup of players may have changed hands and evolved over the years, founding member Kwapisz has always been able to carry through a consistent thread to their musical influence. For this reason 666G maintains a sound that falls somewhere between creature feature and spy picture, almost a Munsters meets Hawaii 5-0 crossover episode just in time to hit the waves.”

-Mike Borchardt, Full Time Aesthetic


666G (2022)

Gramppappies (2022)

Magnum Grampus (2020)

The Gramp Stamp (2019)

Gramps of Wrath (2017)

Pipes (2015)