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Check out our 2020 album Magnum Grampus

“End Times (Major)” Music Video
Podcast Interview: Listen to James talk with Paul about the origins
and future prospects of the band on Death Before Desk Job

Podcast Interview: James talks with MK about Grampfather, influences, and computer game inspired analogies
on More Music Please!

Gramp Care Package

*Was $33. Now $28!* Magnum Grampus shirt, CD, and sticker ($20 for merch, $8 for shipping). Gildan tees featuring the artwork from our album Magnum Grampus. Let us know what address you’d like the merch sent to and what shirt size(s) you’d like. Sizes S-XL.



Twilight Collective on Magnum Grampus

88.7 WFNP-The Edge on The Gramp Stamp

LongIslandSound.love on The Gramp Stamp

Turn Up the Volume on “Vultures Eating Vultures”

Divide And Conquer on Gramps of Wrath