2023 Tour Dates

3/31: Our Wicked Lady–Brooklyn, NY (tickets)

4/11: Snugs–New Paltz, NY

4/13: Tubby’s–Kingston, NY

4/27: The Dojo Beyond Time & Space–Albany, NY

5/12: Elephant Alley–Troy, NY

5/13: Berlin Under A–NYC (tickets)

5/20: Tasting Lab–Greenville, NY

5/26: Hud Station–Albany, NY

6/2: Snugs–New Paltz, NY

11/24: Mr. Beery’s–Bethpage, NY


666G (2022)

Gramppappies (2022)

Magnum Grampus (2020)

The Gramp Stamp (2019)

Gramps of Wrath (2017)

Pipes (2015)

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